第8回国際紅白歌合戦  ―日本人は外国語で、外国人は日本語で歌おうー  《後援》 観光庁  外務省 東京都  国際機関日本アセアンセンター

「世界の仲間と歌おう」第8回国際紅白歌合戦 10月20日東京で開催!!今回も多言語で歌、ダンス、アイドルなど総勢200名がステージに!!

On Oct. 20th The 8th International Red-White Singing Festival is coming!! Not only singing in many different languages ,you could enjoy dance,idol performances.Over 200 contestants will be on stage!!

The 8th Red-White Singing Festival 第8回国際紅白歌合戦
Saturday 20th October 15:15-18:15(14:45 開場)
National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (near Yoyogi Park)

国立オリンピック記念青少年総合センター・大ホール 15:15-18:15(14:45 開場)
第8回 国際紅白歌合戦 参加者・協力団体・ボランテイア募集中!!

Make entry now for contestants, volunteers
―Japanese sing in a foreign language, Non-Japanese sing in Japanese to show the respect for different culture.

This event aims for better understanding among all nationalities living in Japan by singing Japanese sing in a foreign language and Non-Japanese sing in Japanese.Let's enjoy singing and dancing with all performers.Many of Non-Japanese residents and International students in Japan are struggling to brighten up Japanese society with their efforts.
INTERNATIONAL RED-WHITE SINGING FESTIVAL aims for the new type of event which non-Japanese and Japanese help each other to organize. We hope Japan would be better placed to live for Japanese and also Non-Japanese residents who are the contributors to Japanese society.












《後援》 観光庁 外務省 東京都 国際機関日本アセアンセンター


8th International Red-White Singing Festival (IRWS)
Let's sing and dance with us!!

Date:Saturday 20th October 15:15 2018
Place:National Olympics Memorial Youth Center
(near yoyogi park)

This event aims for better understanding among all nationalities
living in Japan by singing. Japanese sing in foreign language and
Non-Japanese sing in Japanese.

It has been held annually in Tokyo since 2011,
Last year we have started in Cebu Philippine and In this year 2018
Bali IRWS also started.The finalists in two countries come to join the
grand final in Tokyo.

Special guest: Anyango who is the first non-native African Nyatiti
player. Nyatiti is the very popular national Instrument in Kenya.
She will dance Nyatiti soran,African version of soran-busi with
Japanese kids group.

Very talented High school idol group and k-pop dance unit will also
perform. Although they are still students they have many supporters

Off course we have many other Non-Japanese talents to sing Japanese
Anime,J-pop .Japanese karaoke queens and kings will sing like BON
JOVI, ,Journey,Whitney houston.

MC is the Russian voice actress Jenya who has been the MC of IRWS
since 2011.She will also sing Japanese Anime songs medley

Anyway we have lots more to offer !!
Let's sing and dance with us!!

Official page of IRWS https://www.irws.org/

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Sat Oct 20, 2018
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Single:1名 SOLD OUT ¥3,000
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Venue Address
東京都渋谷区代々木神園町3-1 Japan
国際紅白歌合戦  ―日本人は外国語で、外国人は日本語で歌おうー  《後援》 観光庁  外務省 東京都  国際機関日本アセアンセンター 

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